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Frequently Asked Questions


Application, Admission and General Information

What are the admission requirements?

For admission you need a secondary school diploma or an equivalent higher education entrance qualification (e.g., IB, (Fach-)Abitur, A-Levels). There is no formal requirement on the grade, but we recommend having an average of 2.7 or better (in the German system). We invite all applicants for a personal interview to facilitate the decision process. With this personal impression every applicant can take a well-founded decision on a potential offer.

I have passed the secondary school diploma abroad. How can I apply?

WLH uses uni-assist as a service to evaluate non-German higher education degrees. Please check the website of uni-assist for further information and the necessary documents required.

Uni-assist evaluates if the non-German degree can be regarded as equivalent to the German system. With the result of uni-assist you may enter the usual application process. Applicants with a diploma from a German international School can apply directly without having to consult uni-assist.

If you have doubts whether your degree needs to be evaluated, please contact the program manager Mrs Katrin Macco: phone +49 911/76606912 email: katrin.macco(at)

Can I apply for two different programs, as long as I haven’t decided on my final choice?

There is no problem in applying for two different programs in the beginning. Just tick both courses on the application form. It is sufficient to send one copy of your application documents. In your letter of motivation it is up to you if you want to elaborate on both programs explicitly or if you want to express your motivation in a more general way.

Upon receipt of your application documents we invite you to a personal interview. In this interview we will explore which of the programs fits better to your interests.

I have already studied several semesters at another university. Can I transfer credits to WLH?

If you have already passed module exams at another university, WLH will check which of the modules can be considered equivalent to modules of our programs. These modules can then be transferred. As a result you may need to take courses of different years, but we will consider this in term planning, so that you can study in a time-efficient way.

Can I change the course after having started?

There is no problem changing between the 3 full-time Bachelor programs at WLH up to the end of the first semester. At a later stage a change of course is still possible, if the completed modules are equivalent to the ones needed in the new course. This must be looked at individually.

Can I apply if I am not a member of a Christian church?

We welcome students from all religions and world views. We don’t deny our roots and an inviting Christian profile. For example in ethics courses the Christian idea will be taught among others. We provide knowledge on different schools of ethical reasoning and the Christian one is included. Each student can and shall freely decide on its own position. Our intention is to encourage every student to adopt an own position based on arguments.

Fees and Finances

How much does it cost to study at WLH?

The fees for the full time Bachelor degrees (Health Economics and Ethics, Health Management and Technology in the Social Market, Management in Health and Social Market) are 400€/month. For the Master‘s course Health care economy and Ethics the fees are 600€/month. Fees can be paid per month or per semester. Other fees, e.g. exam fees or administrative fees, are included. 

Can I get support by the Bafoeg system to study at WLH?

WLH is fully recognized by the state authorities thus you can get support through the Bafoeg system, if you fulfil its specific requirements. Information on Bafoeg (in German) can be found on the following webpage

Will I have time to earn some money while studying at WLH?

Of course a considerable amount of time is needed for attending classes, but also for self-instruction phases.  Nevertheless quite a few of our students work, either as a student helper at WLH or the IDC research institute, or in other companies. Courses are scheduled to provide students with one or two class-free days a week, additionally there are several weeks without classes between semesters, which can be used to earn some money.