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Research Institute IDC

Wilhelm Löhe University Fürth

The Research Institute IDC is one of the five departments of the Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences.

In an interdisciplinary team the institute members work on topics in the health and social market. A special focus is put on the interface between human beings, technology and economy.

In 2011 the IDC moved into the new location in Fürth Südstadtpark pursuing the continuous development and expansion of the teaching activities here as the nucleus of the planned Wilhelm Lohe University.

With the establishment and accreditation of the WLH 2012 as a state-accredited private university for Bavarian Higher Education Act, the IDC handed over its duties as a teaching institution and is now a Research Institute and Department within the WLH. IDC is located in two buildings in close proximity (Merkurstr. 41 and Merkurstr. 21).

Interdisciplinary Research

The interdisciplinary Team of IDC consists of (health) economists, gerontoligsts, health scientists, social economists, sociologists and sports scientists. The close collaboration with scientists of the Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences enables a dialogue across traditional subject boundaries. New forms of interdisciplinary teamwork are facilitated.

The interfaces between human individuals, technology and economy form the basis of IDC's research Profile, in line with the core competencies of WLH.

 Director of the institute

Juergen Zerth
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zerth
+49 (0)9 11 / 76 60 69 - 21