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Incoming Students

Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences is a young, small university with a touch of home. For any questions before and during your stay, the student service is always available for you.In addition, the student representatives are also there for you in all matters relating to living and studying.Below you will find some useful tips and information for your stay at Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences.

Admission requirements

Admission to a study at Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences in Fürth presupposes a recognized university entrance qualification in Germany or matriculation at a foreign university. Some German language skills are required.

Information about our courses

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Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences

The WLH is picturesquely situated in the beautiful Fürth Südstadtpark, surrounded by a quiet residential area. The “Südstadtpark”, heart of the former O'Darby Barracks, has received several awards. The city of Fürth was also "recycle city - revitalizing inner city Brownfield sites" country winner of the competition of the Bavarian interior ministry for the design of Fürth Südstadtpark and the South City parks.Fürth’s Südstadtpark, modern and tranquil, lies surrounded by historic buildings, which have mostly been rebuilt into residential areas. The WLH resides directly in the middle of the sprawling green space in the former Schickedanz Villa, with the Music school also located directly in the park. Countless sports facilities, children's playgrounds and a large meadow with consciously preserved trees invite visitors to the park in every season to linger and relax.This delightful atmosphere is conducive to studying in peace and offers a relaxed environment with room for concentration on the essentials: successful studies at WLH!Near the campus, amongst other businesses are shops for daily needs and housing opportunities in the south of the city.

The science city of Fürth is located right in the triangle formed by Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen. All three cities belong to the metropolitan region and are well served by public transport. A discount semester ticket for students is available at the Verkehrsbund Greater Nuremberg (VGN).
Fürth town centre with a very cosy bar district (see also "Gustavstraße") and many cultural offerings, such as the Fürth municipal theatre, the Cultural Forum Fürth or Comödie Fürth is just a few minutes by public transport.
More information about the city of Fürth is available at

Studying at WLH

The academic year consists of two semesters. The winter semester usually begins in October and lasts six months. The summer semester usually starts in April. For the lecture and examination periods of the current and upcoming semester, see Semester Schedule.For information about the courses offered at Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences, please refer to the so-called Module Guide. In the so-called Teaching Programmes (course catalogue) the courses offered each semester are listed.Exams take place in the winter semester, usually in January / February, in the summer semester in July / August. Registration for the examinations can only be made in a specified time period. The dates for registration are published in advance on the website. Further information about the credit points system can be found here.

Language Courses

The WLH works in cooperation with the Language Centre of the Georg Simon Ohm Technical University, Nuremberg, where you have the opportunity to participate in German language courses. The International Office offers assistance in booking the respective language courses.
In addition, the community colleges of the city Fürth and Erlangen, and in the education centre of the city of Nuremberg, German courses are also offered. Further information about the courses can be found at:

Please note that these courses incur charges.


Students from the European Union, United States, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland only need a residence permit. Students from other countries require a visa. A tourist visa is not sufficient. Please contact the German Embassy or Consulate in your country as early as possible.
For further information:

Health Insurance

Important Information for your health insurance (english/deutsch)

Membership applications in different languages:

Obligation to register

Everyone living in Germany is obliged to register with the registration office responsible for their place of residence within one week after moving into the apartment. If you want to stay in Fürth, you can get a registration certificate in the public offices south and north.
Please bring your identity card / passport and the following forms:


Ämtergebäude Süd
Schwabacher Straße 170
90763 Fürth
1st floor, room 121



Opening Hours
Monday: 8am to 6pm,
Tuesday: 8am to12am,
Wednesday: 7.30am to12am,
Thursday: 7.30am to 4pm,
Friday: 7.30am to 12am.



Ämtergebäude Nord
Stadelner Hauptstraße 96
90765 Fürth
1st floor



Opening Hours
Tuesday 8am to 12am and 2pm to 6pm Thursday 8am to12am.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Under you can find some hints and general information on life, culture, as well as Germany as a place for studying, research and science-. you will also find related links to help answer any further questions you may have concerning entry and residence.



Katrin Macco
Katrin Macco
+49 (0)911 / 76 60 69 - 12
Stephanie Schmitz
Stephanie Schmitz
+49 (0)9 11 / 76 60 69 - 10